Smart shelving
for smart retail

Offline-to-online, scalable, data intelligence solutions platform

For Retailers

Where there is mystery, there is margin. Retailers need a clear view of inventory to reach retail nirvana; personalization.

For Consumers

Shoppers want convenience and brand connection but more importantly, they want to shop where they are known AND where retailers have what they want to buy.

For Brands

Brands want to connect with their shoppers and deliver the products they want.

We exist to enable The New Retail

Smarter hardware and reporting systems for just-in-time data that leads to profit. We have solutions for every role in the process.

The Problem

Ecommerce has provided personalized buying experiences by tracking shoppers through the online buying process. But, for on-premise retail shopping, there is a massive blind spot in capturing shopper behavior data from store entry leading up to the point-of-sale. There needs to be a solution to capture this data in real-time enabling a unified commerce experience.

The Solution

Data. Data. Data. The path to personalization starts with a single clear view of your inventory at the item-level to reduce overstocks, out-of-stocks, and distortion. Retailers can then move towards personalization. Our smart shelf system is the starting point for this journey.

on-site shopping still accounts for
86% OR $25 TRILLION of annual retail sales

eMarketer 2019

Our Product

Our ultimate product is real-time DATA. But to capture DATA we deploy our smart shelf system. Using our patented RF-transparent modular plug and play shelves, real-time data is collected and securely stored in the cloud. A shelf edge display engages shoppers for a personalized experience driven by machine learning, AI and analytics.

Groundstar, LLC Gondola Engineering Design

inventory distortion* that costs on average

* includes out-of-stocks and overstocks.
Source: IHL


Source: RetailDive 2018

Scalable Platform

Retailers and brand owners can login, and access web-based real-time dashboard information as well as create mass personalized campaigns, manage product pricing at the shelf and have a clear view of item-level inventory. APIs will be available for 3rd party developers to create plug-ins and applications to extend the value of the ecosystem. Consumers will have access via their smartphones, where they can review product info, reviews, coupons, and engage with the store and brands in loyalty programs.


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