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A platform to unify offline commerce experience with online.

Data. Data. Data.

GroundStar’s (patented) smart shelf solution and proprietary technology provides the platform to unify offline commerce experience with online.

By combining our radio frequency (RF) transparent smart shelf system with cloud, RFID, mobile, and data analytics, retailers and brands will finally have the solution to deliver customers the on-premise experiences they now expect. They will have the ability to collect and analyze data for valuable actionable insights, better manage store execution strategies and inventory, increase operational efficiencies, increase sales, reduce shrink, and improve shopper conversion.


Our Product

Central to the smart shelf system is the patented RF-transparent modular gondola and plug-in-play smart shelves, Figure 1, where data is collected at the shelf and securely stored in the cloud. A smart shelf connected system is shown in Figure 2. Machine learning and data analytics will drive personalized shopping experiences. A web-based edge display will engage shoppers at the shelf with pricing, product information, promotions, cross-purchase, and coupons.

Retailers and brands can log in, and access web-based real-time dashboard information as well as create mass personalized campaigns, manage product pricing at the shelf and manage inventory. APIs will be available for 3rd party developers to create plug-ins and applications to extend the value of the ecosystem. Consumers will have access via their smartphones, where they can review product info, reviews, coupons, and engage with the store and brands in loyalty programs.

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    Figure 1. A Modular N23 Smart Shelf Gondola Design

    Figure 2. A N23 Smart Shelf System


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