A platform to unify offline commerce experience with online convenience

User Device

Web Browser

3rd Party


Shelf Device


Authenticator 2


Database Application Layer

NoSQL Database Scalable Cloud Database

Data. Data. Data.

  • The Smart Shelf technology platform leverages open source software and commercial cloud services for security, always-on, mobile-access, web-based applications and scalability.
  • The green blocks in the diagram are Smart Shelf applications.
  • The Shelf Device is a thin-hardware that captures item-level consumption.
  • The User Device Web Browser is a Smart Shelf API to connect a user device (mobile) and authenticate access to the Smart Shelf database.
  • The Smart Shelf Database Application Layer (DAL) will control and authenticate 3rd party developers and users’ access to data.
  • The blue blocks in the diagram are commercial services.
  • Note: 3rd party app developers will have access to the DAL but not the data


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    Figure 1. A Modular N23 Smart Shelf Gondola Design

    Figure 2. A N23 Smart Shelf System


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